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About motor scheme

  • Stepper Motor

The original form of the stepper motor is a combination of a six-coil concentrated winding stator and a salient-poled lamination rotor . It was adopted as the actuator for indicating the launching directions of torpedoes from British navy warships during the 1920s as shown in Fig.1.1.

A rotary switch was used in this motor for switching the current between the windings.

Functions of these switches are indicated by S1, S2, and S3 on the right-hand side in Fig. 1.1.

Stepping motor (VR type)
Fig. 1.1 Stepper motor (VR type) used on board British warships.

The stepper motor was once called a step-by-step motor. However, before long it became more popularly known as a stepper motor or step motor.

It is also called a stepper motor.

Fig. 1.2 shows that the rotor position rotates in step with the switching of the current to the stator winding.

Operation principles of a stepping motor (VR type)
Fig. 1.2 Operation principles of a stepper motor (VR type)

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