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About motor scheme

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1.DON'T store motors under environmental conditions of high temperature and extreme humidity. 
DON'T keep them also in an atmosphere where corrosive gas may be present, as it may result in malfunction. 
Recommended environmental conditions: temperature of +10 degrees C through +30 degrees C and relative humidity of 30% through 95%. 
Specifically for motors being warehoused for six months or longer (three months or longer for motors with grease), take extra care since their starting performance might be deteriorated.
2.Fumigant and its gas may pollute metallic part of motors. Then, motors must not be exposed to fumigant and its gas, if fumigation shall be made for packaging materials, such as pallet etc., of motors and / or products with motors.
3.If silicone materials, which contain low molecular silicone compounds, adhere to the motor's commutator, brush or other parts, then upon rectification of the electric energy the silicone breaks down into SiO2, SiC and other constituents which produce a rapid increase in the contact resistance between the commutator and brush. 
Therefore great care should be taken when silicone material is used in a unit and check well at the same time that such binding agents or sealing materials are not generating gases of detrimental nature, whether used for motor mounting or applied during your product assembles. Care must be taken for an optimum selection. Examples of the gases: gases generated from cyanic adhesives and halogen gases.
4.Ambient and operating temperatures exert an affect more or less on motor performance and life. DO pay particular attention to the surroundings when it is hot and damp.

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